Real Estate & Development

With our deep knowledge of regulatory requirements coupled with our ability to understand our client’s unique needs and objectives, Core6 Environmental is highly effective at managing the environmental aspects of land development and property transactions.

Our environmental and permitting experience related to real property development and due diligence is among the best in the industry. Having supported many large real estate transactions and developments, our team is well versed in the regulatory hurdles, timelines, and deliverables required to deliver on your project. Thinking outside the box, we are always looking for ways to streamline the environmental processes to fit development needs.

Our staff has been involved in thousands of projects covering all land-use types from agricultural, park, and wildland properties, low and high-density residential properties, to commercial and industrial properties. We regularly work with clients to quantify environmental liabilities prior to property acquisition/redevelopment and complete the necessary site investigation and if required, remediation to obtain British Columbia Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy (BC ENV) Certification Documents such as Determinations, Approval in Principles and Certificates of Compliance. When Contaminated Sites Regulation Schedule 2 Activities have operated on a site, these BC ENV Certification Documents allow municipalities to release permits related to rezoning, development and building permits to facilitate redevelopment. 

From property transaction liability and due diligence assessments to complex brownfield developments, Core6 has the experience to move real estate and development projects forward within project timelines.

Financial Institutions

Core6 Environmental works with Canada’s leading banks, credit unions, and insurance corporations as trusted advisor to provide environmental consulting services to their clients. Our environmental assessments and liability estimates help these institutions understand and evaluate environmental risk, and determine financing for their client.

Real Estate & Development Sector Case Studies

Former Bulk Fuel Storage Facility and Service Station
Burnaby Auto Mall Redevelopment
False Creek Reclaimed Land Development
Former Bulk Fuel Storage Facility and Cardlock
Pier West Residential Development
Oakridge Centre Redevelopment