Core6 Environmental obtained site closure for a former bulk fuel storage facility and cardlock fueling station. The site infrastructure was decommissioned in the late 1990s and had been subject to numerous environmental investigation and remediation efforts since that time. Core6 Environmental conducted a Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation to update the site understanding to meet current regulatory requirements.

The site was considered complex due to its unique hydrogeology and given that petroleum hydrocarbons had migrated off-site impacting numerous neighboring properties.

A key component to the project success was demonstrating that the thicknesses of the light non-aqueous phase liquid (LNAPL) was not mobile and therefore did not constitute the site being classified as High Risk. This was a significant success for the client, as it meant the site could proceed through the Contaminated Sites Approved Professional (CSAP) process and negated the need for more expensive remedial options.

A detailed Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment was completed for various land uses to address the current and reasonable future use of the site and neighboring properties. In early 2020 through the CSAP process, site closure was obtained, and multiple Certificates of Compliance were issued.

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