Core6 Environmental provides a full suite of contaminated site investigation services ranging from Phase One Environmental Site Assessment (known provincially in British Columbia as a Stage One Preliminary Site Investigation) to Detailed Site Investigation requiring delineation of contaminants across multiple media such as soil, groundwater, sediment, and vapour. From single-family residential properties to large, complex industrial lands, our team has the depth and experience to efficiently complete the work required.


Core6 Environmental’s remediation services typically begin with a careful remedial options evaluation factoring in regulatory requirements, technical feasibility, cost, schedule/time constraints, and most importantly our clients’ goals and objectives. With expertise spanning in situ and ex situ remedial methods along with risk assessment solutions, our team is able to offer an optimal solution for virtually any remediation project.


Core6 Environmental’s risk assessment staff have been involved with risk assessment in the province of British Columbia, since its inception in the mid 1990s. With deep expertise in Human Health Risk Assessment, Terrestrial Ecological Risk Assessment and both freshwater and marine Aquatic Ecological Risk Assessment, our team has contributed to regulatory guidance and has completed assessments from urban real estate/land development projects to remote mine sites.


Core6 Environmental is a leader in physical and contaminant hydrogeology providing expertise to support on a range of projects from the development of regulatory guidance, groundwater resource studies, to contaminated sites projects. Using state-of-art modeling, Core6 Environmental is routinely called upon to develop groundwater conceptual site models, confirm groundwater flow direction and velocity, as well as to model contaminant transport to important receiving environments.


Core6 Environmental provides environmental monitoring and Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) services across the private and public sectors, and has done so on many high profile projects such as BC Transit’s Evergreen Line Construction Project and BC Ferries’ Bella Bella Ferry Terminal Expansion Project. In addition to the monitoring and reporting requirements, our team is able to provide complete Environmental Protection Plan (EMP) support, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan development, as well as environmental permitting and mitigation support for construction and demolition projects.


In addition to the services noted above, Core6 Environmental provides a broad array of additional environmental consultancy services, some examples include:

  • Third-party expert and CSAP review, expert witness support;
  • Baseline studies (soil, vegetation, tissue, surface water, sediment, groundwater);
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST) removal;
  • Sediment and erosion control;
  • Spill response;
  • Permitting support;
  • Environmental engineering and design.