Core6 Environmental operates across Western Canada providing advice and solutions to the challenges and environmental regulatory requirements facing a wide array of land owners, managers, and purchasers. Our private sector clients span a broad range of sectors and include law firms, banks, commercial real estate firms, land developers, mining companies, oil and gas companies, utilities companies, film industry, forest companies, transportation companies, as well as ports and infrastructure. We also provide a range of contaminated sites and expert review services for municipal, provincial, and federal government agencies, and for many First Nations. With numerous seasoned experts in the fields of contaminated sites investigation, human health and ecological risk assessment, and hydrogeology, Core6 Environmental also partners with and/or provides expert subcontracted support to many other environmental consulting firms to help them achieve optimal success for their clients.

Today, Core6 Environmental has 25 staff located in downtown Vancouver, Victoria, Kelowna, and the Comox Valley.

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Although Core6 Environmental launched in 2012, our origins are in the 1990s when the six founding partners first came together under the roof of another firm. It was the friendship and mutual respect gained for one another during those formative years that kept the group close and set the stage for what was to come. Perhaps it was inevitable or perhaps it was just the right time; either way, 2012 began with a bang! With the launch of Core6 Environmental, there was a fresh alternative to the environmental consulting landscape in Western Canada – and its founders already had over a 100 years of combined experience!

Applying a philosophy of keeping things simple and seeking the efficient solutions, we began from the outset by leveraging the rapid progression of information technologies like shared digital workspace, secure cloud platforms, and remote workspaces. In late 2012, with a quickly expanding client roster and the addition of staff, we opened our first official office at 150 Dunsmuir Street in Downtown Vancouver. A year later, after out-growing the Dunsmuir location, we moved to a much larger space at 777 Hornby Street across from the Vancouver Art Gallery. It was at this location where Core6 Environmental grew to over 20 scientists and engineers, celebrated our 5th Anniversary, and welcomed our first associate partner. During this time, we also established an office in downtown Victoria as well as remote locations in Kelowna and the Comox Valley to further serve our interior and Vancouver Island clients. In late 2018, we’d once again out-grown our Hornby Street office and moved into a beautiful new space on the third floor at 1166 Alberni Street.

At the time of writing, the team has now completed over 400 projects for 165 clients across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and the Yukon, and we’ve never been more excited to share our passion for quality science, client service, and great coffee!


Stephen Munzar, MSc, PGeo
Stephen Munzar, MSc, PGeoDirector | Senior Hydrogeologist
Stephen is a Professional Geologist with 20 years of environmental consulting experience. His areas of expertise include baseline and impact hydrogeologic assessments, physical and contaminant hydrogeology, site characterization, conceptual site model development, aqueous geochemistry assessment, flow and solute transport in fractured bedrock, groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling, water resource/supply/dewater assessment, and remedial design.
Kate Branch, PEng
Kate Branch, PEngDirector | Senior Engineer
Kate is Professional Engineer with 22 years experience in the environmental consulting sector. She provides project management, engineering, and due diligence expertise for a variety of project types including environmental assessment, site investigation, and remediation projects. Kate also provides leadership on the development of environmental management plans and completion of facility audits.
Reg North, PEng, PGeo, CSAP
Reg North, PEng, PGeo, CSAPDirector | Senior Hydrogeologist
Reg is a Professional Engineer and Geoscientist in BC and AB with 30 years experience in environmental consulting. He provides strategic advice to clients on the optimal approach to obtaining regulatory instruments, permits, and approvals; and solving complex regulatory and technical issues involving contaminated sites. Mr. North is also a expert in contaminant hydrogeology and regularly provides expert review/witness services to legal firms in support of their clients.
Geoff Wickstrom, MASc, RPBio, EP
Geoff Wickstrom, MASc, RPBio, EPDirector | Senior Toxicologist
Geoff is a Professional Biologist in BC and AB and has 22 years experience consulting on environmental impact and contaminated sites projects throughout Western Canada and the United States. His experience includes leading contaminated site investigation and remediation projects as well as permitting and environmental impact assessment projects. With a Masters degree in toxicology, Geoff provides senior experience in the fields of human health and ecological risk assessment.
Marc Cameron, MSc, RPBio, CSAP
Marc Cameron, MSc, RPBio, CSAPDirector | Senior Risk Assessor
Marc is a Professional Biologist in British Columbia with 25 years of diverse experience. He has supported, conducted, and managed contaminated sites investigations, remedial options assessment, site remediation, development of long-term monitoring plans, environmental impact assessments, risk communication, and negotiation with regulators. Marc specializes in completing human health and ecological risk for contaminated sites and environmental impact assessments.
John Taylor, PEng, CSAP
John Taylor, PEng, CSAPDirector | Senior Engineer
John is a Registered Professional Engineer with 30 years experience as an environmental consultant. John provides senior direction and support on a broad range of contaminated sites investigation and remediation projects, environmental monitoring and management projects, and provides expert review for legal files and as a CSAP standards assessor.
Tom Hudson, PAg, PMP, EP
Tom Hudson, PAg, PMP, EPPartner | Senior Project Manager
Tom is a Professional Agrologist and Project Management Professional with 16 years of experience in the environmental consulting sector. Tom’s experience encompasses project and portfolio management for contaminated sites investigations and remediation projects, due diligence environmental audits, and liability assessments.


Core6 Environmental recognizes the importance and opportunity that  businesses have to give back to the communities we live and work in. With a focus on human health and the environment, we continue to support a variety of organizations. A few of the organizations we have supported to date include:


Core6 Environmental is committed to safe work practices and believes safety is everyone’s responsibility. We are registered and in good standing with WorkSafeBC, maintain an active Joint Health and Safety Committee, and conduct routine safety discussions. Scheduled meetings within the company begin with a safety moment both as a reminder to put safety first, but also for the opportunity to share experiences related to safe work practices. A project-specific Health and Safety Plan is created for each project to account for project-specific hazards and safety needs and all of our staff receive training in First-Aid, Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS), as well as other site-specific, client-specific, and sector-specific training as needed.

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