Groundwater Services

Regulatory regimes are becoming increasingly focused on the protection and management of water in our environment. Core6 Environmental strives to provide effective water management services and solutions to meet project needs.

Our hydrogeologists are experts in groundwater science, and its practical application on construction/development, contaminated lands, and water resource projects.

Core6 has showcased our hydrogeological expertise at numerous industry conferences and taught courses to other practitioners and professionals through the Engineering and Geoscientists Association of BC and directly to the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy staff.

Groundwater Resources

With the introduction of the Water Sustainability Act and the concerns regarding potential impacts from climate change, the importance of groundwater in BC is being heightened. This is resulting in new requirements when managing groundwater resources. Core6 has extensive experience assessing and managing groundwater resources in a wide variety of geologic environments including identifying situations under which artesian conditions may be encountered. We have successfully obtained approvals and permits for groundwater extraction projects, and regularly obtain water use approvals and licenses under the Water Sustainability Act.

Contaminant Hydrogeology

Core6 Environmental is at the forefront of the industry with respect to contaminant hydrogeology. This is evidenced by our work with the BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy on updating regulatory protocols and guidance and providing solutions to the most challenging contamination site issues on behalf of private and public sector clients. We excel in technically challenging environments and are proud of our reputation for providing practical solutions for our client’s problems.

Construction Dewatering

Core6 Environmental provides expertise in designing, modelling, and recommending dewatering solutions, including adjacent to surface water bodies and sensitive environments. We have provided practical and cost effective groundwater strategies on some of the largest development projects in the Lower Mainland. Construction dewatering requires the ability and experience to adapt to continuously changing site conditions as construction progresses and to provide practical guidance to the construction team that results in minimal impact to the construction process and schedule.

Key Service Areas:

  • Preliminary and Final Hydrogeologic studies
  • Groundwater resource studies, baseline and impact assessments
  • Groundwater monitoring programs
  • Background groundwater quality assessments
  • Contaminant fate and transport assessments
  • Contaminant migration control and remedial systems
  • Groundwater modelling
  • Water use approvals, permitting and licensing
  • Water treatment design and procurement
  • Dewatering analysis and estimation, design, operation, and monitoring for construction
  • Pump test design, monitoring and analysis
  • Well design including engineered drawings
  • Watershed studies and potential impact from climate change
  • Surface water/groundwater interaction and impacts