Construction Environmental Management & Monitoring

Core6 Environmental provides construction environmental management and monitoring and Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) services across a broad range of construction, demolition, and infrastructure-related projects.

Our team provides complete Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) preparation support, Erosion and Sediment Control Plan development, as well as environmental permitting and impact mitigation support. With our expertise in environmental engineering, biology, and hydrogeology, we are positioned to support project needs throughout Western Canada. Some key service offerings are highlighted below.

Environmental and Compliance Monitoring

Core6 provides environmental monitoring expertise including EPP and environmental compliance monitoring, contractor environmental awareness training, surface water and receiving environment monitoring, water treatment discharge monitoring, bird and bird nest presence/absence studies, amphibian and reptile presence/absence surveys, and salvage permitting/support, underwater acoustic monitoring, marine mammal monitoring, and inspections of erosion sediment control compliance. When required, Core6 also provides post-construction monitoring to assess the effectiveness of habitat enhancement efforts as well as the implementation of longer-term groundwater and surface water monitoring to assess impacts on groundwater elevations, flow patterns, interaction with surface water, and sometimes contaminant concentrations.

Environmental Plans, Permitting and Regulatory Support

Core6 regularly prepares Environmental Management Plans (EMPs) and Construction Environmental Management Plans (CEMPs) that include critical project background information, a description of the environmental setting, key roles and responsibilities, applicable legislation and regulatory requirements, and the environmental requirements, procedures, and plans, including the emergency response plan, fuel management plan, waste management plan, and chance/find procedures.

Core6 also prepares Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs) for contractors that outline detailed methodologies and environmental monitoring necessary to meet the specified requirements identified in the EMP.

Given the technical experience and regulatory knowledge of our team, Core6 routinely supports our clients and partners to navigate regulatory challenges and permitting. This has led to considerable experience in obtaining environmental approvals and permits required by federal, provincial, and municipal levels of government.

Soil and Water Management

Core6 Environmental is highly experienced in the management and treatment of soil, sediment, and water during construction projects. We understand the critical path and construction implications and are able to devise tailored and timely support to meet your project needs. We have designed and implemented baseline assessments to better understand the chemistry of the expected material to be handled during construction, allowing management options to be proactively prepared. With limited physical space at many construction sites, our team is also experienced and knowledgeable in provincial Soil Relocation Agreement requirements, as well as the requirements for Transportation of Dangerous Goods. Our expertise is frequently called upon to support water treatment and discharge and to verify that the disposal meets applicable regulatory and permit requirements for the receiving environment.


Core6 Environmental provides hydrogeological expertise in designing, modelling, and recommending dewatering solutions, including within and adjacent to surface water bodies and sensitive environments. We have provided practical and cost-effective groundwater strategies to support consideration and redevelopment throughout BC. Our contaminant hydrogeology proficiency is routinely called upon to compliment physical hydrogeology project solutions, ensuring contaminants are not drawn towards dewatering extraction points.

Key Service Areas:

  • Erosion and Sediment Control Planning, Implementation and, Inspection
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Water and Sediment Quality Assessment and Monitoring
  • Qualified Environmental Professional (QEP) Services
  • Environmental Management Plans (EMPs)
  • Environmental Protection Plans (EPPs)
  • Permitting
  • Environmental Audits
  • Long-term & Post-construction Monitoring
  • Underwater Pressure Monitoring
  • Marine Biophysical Surveys
  • Fish, Bird and Wildlife Observations, Surveys and Salvage
  • Baseline Assessments
  • De-watering Design and Modelling
  • Soil Management
  • Stormwater Assessment
  • Regulatory Support and Permitting
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Disposal At Sea Assessment and Implementation
  • Site Restoration Plans